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We strive to provide luxury items to Create the Event you Desire

We all have dreamed of the perfect event, with  hand selected pinboards full of  inspirational must-haves.  Here at Front Cover Events, we take full accountability to understand your vision and provide luxury items to bring your dream event to reality. Whether it's a Wedding, Birthday Party, Baby shower,  Bridal shower or Anniversary, we are confident we can provide enhancing items to create the look you desire. We welcome you to review our catalog to identify how we may best serve you. We take pride in looking for posh furnishings to add to our  signature enhancement studio. If you would like to share an inspirational photo, we will do our best to find items to re-create or customize the look you want.  In addition, we work with great partners who specialize in many areas that ultimately create the dream team you have been looking for. 

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